Unpaid and Priceless unexpected fortunes of extended sabbatical
Unpaid and Priceless unexpected fortunes of extended sabbatical

This riveting and inspiring account weaves the dreaming and planning phases along with the defining adventures of a priceless, unpaid leave. It leaves readers in awe and three steps closer to realizing their own dreams. The author courageously tackles common dilemmas and conflicts, drawing readers to pause for reflection on their own relationships and lives.

Unpaid and Priceless unexpected fortunes of extended sabbatical

If you are serious about your dream, set a date to it.

If you don't set a date, ask yourself why not.

Find your inspiration here.

Live deliberately.

A global citizen, Tomer Lanis has been working and traveling in 81 countries in the past 24 years.

Hence, he has seen a tiny bit of our world.

"It's not where I am or what I do there," he says, "but rather who I am with that makes each day so enriching and worthwhile."

After coming back, they make two eye-opening discoveries: first, they benefit individually and collectively as a family far beyond their wildest dreams.

Second, they are not lucky or unique: anybody can do it.

So many people dream of it;

So few end up taking it:

An extended Sabbatical.


Living your dreams is

addictive and contagious.

This book may echo in your life

a lot longer than a Sabbatical

Tomer Lanis, too, is confronted with all the paralyzing reasons not to take a Sabbatical: jobs, kids at school, a mortgaged house, two cats, no time and no budget.


Nevertheless, he decides with his wife to put their jobs on hold, pull their two kids out of school and go sailing together around the Caribbean for six months.

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