2. The Book

1. The Talk

Interactive sabbatical talk:

60 - 90 Minutes; to audiences of any size.

  • What's in it for you and for your employer?

  • The line manager view

  • The top 5 hurdles for taking sabbaticals

  • A 5-step action plan

The Business Case


Attract top talent

Energize your workforce

Increase loyalty, engagement, commitment and productivity

Boost creativity and innovation

Diversify and enhance skill set

Retain valued employees

Enhance your brand

Discounted paperback copies

Reward your employees with a special gift in corporate events, holidays and anniversaries.

  • 25% off list price for 50 to 200 copies

  • 35% off list price for 201 to 500 copies

  • 40% off list price for copies above 500

Are your benefits

fully realized?


Accelerate the trend


You Can Take Six Months Off

 Human Capital Manager,

how well does your 

sabbatical program work?

More and more employers offer sabbatical programs to their employees.